Evidence-Based Endodontics

➢ Access summaries of hundreds of Endodontic lit articles in seconds. ➢ Quick-view search results to get the answers you need in a pinch. ➢ Includes information on medical considerations in Endodontics. ➢ Useful as a study resource as well as clinical reference guide.

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Welcome to Endodontic Resource

An evidence-based approach to Endodontics! Start searching now through classic lit, current lit, or medical considerations.

Search easy-to-read classic literature summaries from more than fifty years ago up to the past ten years. Considered the basis for the evidence-based approach to Endodontics.
Search from the most recent research demonstrating innovative techniques and biologic implications. Updated monthly to reflect the most current Endodontic articles.
Discover possible challenges to Endodontic therapy for medically compromised patients. Including treatment modifications, patient management, and considerations for healing.

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