Date: 01/2020
Journal: JOE

Purpose: To provide the best available evidence on the outcome of CR and RR procedures. Materials and methods: •A search was conducted by using three electronic databases ( PubMed, Scopus and Cochrane Library ). •Two reviewers independently assessed the quality of the included studies. •The time frame was from 1966 to march 2018 • Inclusion […]

Date: 07/2010
Journal: JOE

Purpose: To review the biologic rationale behind tissue/bone regeneration; describes the most common methods used to obtain regeneration,; and discusses the factors that influence regenerative success as well as challenges that still need to be overcome. Biologic Rationale: •The type of healing that occurs after conventional endodontic and periodontal therapy either repair or regeneration. •Healing […]

Date: 08/2010
Journal: Australian Dental Journal

Summary:   Purpose:    The aims of this paper were to review the literature, to develop a simple classification system and to provide a rational approach to managing teeth with concurrent endodontic and periodontal diseases. Pulp and periapical conditions that may have periodontal manifestations : •Some endodontic diseases may have manifestations that affect the periodontal tissues. In […]

Date: 03/2018
Journal: JOE

Summary:   Purpose: to investigate the effect of periodontal status of a tooth at the time of NSRCT and the role of supportive periodontal treatment on the survival rate of ETT. Materials/Methods:   •N= 315 ,  all mature permanent molars that had received NSRCT at the endodontic department performed by postgraduate students from  January 1, 2008, […]

Date: 07/2020
Journal: JOE

Purpose: to check the hypothesis regarding the need for an observation period after the completion of endodontic treatment and before definitive periodontal therapy. N= 31 patients Materials/Methods:  •80% of the sample were molars •Treated and followed up from Dec 2012 to Oct 2014 •Inclusion and exclusion criteria specified, Baseline measurements recorded (PD, CAL, BOP, PI, […]

Date: 10/2011
Journal: JOE

Purpose: to compare the microbial profiles of endodontic-periodontal lesions before and after chemo-mechanical preparation (CMP) using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and culture techniques.  N= 15 teeth Materials/Methods:  •Endo-Perio lesions defined as having PP > 6 mm, necrosis, PARL. •PA and BW taken at baseline visit along with PD, BOP, CAL, PI. •All measurements were performed […]

Date: 09/2009
Journal: JOE

Summary:   Purpose: to determine success and survival rates for implants and teeth adjacent to implants and the incidence of endodontic implantitis (E-I) and implant endodontitis (I-E)  N= 233 single-tooth implants Materials/Methods:  1.Sigle tooth implants having a minimum 9-month recall with an acceptable postimplant placement radiograph and recall-visit radiograph. (2000-2005) 2.Subjects who had implant removal or […]

Date: 01/1986
Journal: Oral surgery

Summary:   Purpose: to present histologic findings from dental pulps of a patient who had no previous periodontal therapy and could provide a number of teeth for histologic evaluation with varying degrees of attachment loss resulting from periodontal disease.  Materials/Methods:  •Clinical and histologic examination of 25 teeth of 47-year-old white male patient with varying degrees of […]

Date: 07/2008
Journal: JOE

Summary:   Purpose: to present the 5-year follow-up results of 10 cases treated for furcal perforation repaired with MTA without internal biocompatible matrices.  N=10 CASES Materials/Methods:  •Diagnosis of perforation was confirmed by clinical (presence of pain, episodes of swelling, or abscess), and radiographic examinations. •Procedure: RD isolation – access adjustment – cleaning & irrigating the site. […]

Date: 04/1979
Journal: J Clin Periodontol

Summary:   Purpose: to elucidate (1) if pathologic pulp tissue alterations can be induced in the teeth of monkeys subjected to experimental breakdown of the periodontal tissues and (2) if inflammatory reactions are initiated in the pulp of teeth subjected to root planing and subsequent plaque accumulation on the exposed root dentin surfaces Materials and Methods: […]