Date: 04/2012
Journal: JOE

Purpose: to assess the influence of retreatment procedure on the appearance of defects on the root canal walls Materials and Methods: •N = 200 extracted mandibular premolars were standardized. •4 groups (n= 50, average diameter was 0.7 mm) •Teeth were examined to exclude presence of cracks. •Group (1): left unprepared. Group (2-4): C/S with ProTaper […]

Date: 05/2011
Journal: JOE

Summary:  Purpose:  to calculate probabilities for tissue injury and to measure effective- ness of various coolant strategies in countering heat buildup produced by dry ultrasonic vibration during post removal. N= 10 single canal (premolars or canines). Materials & Methods: All teeth were standardized; access, C/S, and obturation. Post spaces were prepared 10 mm in depth […]

Date: 10/2005
Journal: JOE

Summary:  Purpose: to answer the question regarding temperature changes occurring along the post and the root surface with the use of ultrasonic instrumentation for post removal. n:  10 max CI and LI Materials/Methods: •Canals were prepared using Profile rotary instrument in a crown down tech and obturated with GP and Roth’s 801 sealer. •#5 Parapost […]

Date: 04/2003
Journal: JOE

Summary:   •Purpose: to determine how successful various post removal techniques were and the incidence of root fractures during post removal . •N=  1600 teeth (part 1; incidence of fracture), 234 (part2; detailed analysis) •Materials/Methods:  •Part one was a review of patient records for teeth that had posts removed. •No clinical or radiographic signs or symptoms […]

Date: 08/2004
Journal: JOE

Summary:  •Purpose:  to evaluate the time needed to remove three types of fiber posts with two different bur kits. •Materials/Methods •N=  60 extracted anterior teeth •Root canals were instrumented using the crown-down technique with Profiles (#40 .06) •Vertical condensation of gutta-percha, using the system B, back-filling was completed with the obtura syringe •Access cavity was […]

Date: 03/2002
Journal: JOE

Purpose: To determine: (i) whether ultrasonic vibration reduces the amount of tensile force required to remove a prefabricated titanium post luted with a resin cement; and (ii) whether obturation with gutta-percha and a eugenol sealer compromises the retention of cemented posts, compared with teeth obturated with gutta-percha and a eugenol-free sealer control. •Materials/Methods: •N= 96 […]

Date: 09/1989
Journal: JOE

Summary:  Purpose: to present one clinical case illustrating the effectiveness of the Gonon post removing system. Clinical Procedure: •The post and the tooth are separated by pitting the tooth against the post and creating enough force to overcome the bond •Steps: 1.The first step is to free the head of the post from the coronal […]

Date: 07/1983
Journal: The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry

Purpose: to describe the Masserann technique for the removal of fractured posts in endodontically treated teeth Clinical procedure: •Often, a clinical examination will reveal a fractured parapost at the cervical portion of the crown, with gingival hyperplasia covering a part of the exposed root (Figs. 1 and 2). •After anesthesia, the root is exposed with […]

Date: 02/2019
Journal: JOE

Summary:  Purpose: to introduce the approach of selective root retreatment . Case report: •57 y/o woman, has well-localized pain of 2 weeks’ duration, #18 painful on percussion, palpation and biting. •Periapical RG shows missed DL root, confirmed with CBCT.  After presenting all options, patient opted selective retreatment. Treatment: •After profound anesthesia, under RD isolation, location […]

Date: 12/2003
Journal: JOE

Purpose: to determine the immediate treatment result and incidence of flare-ups after retreatment of teeth with resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) resin fillings. N= 58 cases of retreatment of root filled with RF resin material Materials/Methods: •Records of 34 patients with 58 teeth that were filled with RF and retreated in a postgraduate endodontic clinic were reviewed. •Reason […]