Date: 03/2017
Journal: JOE

Purpose: To evaluate both survival and failure rates of endodontically treated teeth restored with or without fiber post– retained restorations. N= 144  teeth. Inclusion and exclusion criteria: •Patients without relevant medical conditions.                                           X    Untreated periodontal conditions. •Acceptable periodontal status.                                                                     X    ETT supporting removable or fixed prosthesis. •Compliance with a suppurative periodontal therapy program. •Single […]

Date: 05/2017
Journal: JOE

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of factors associated with various coronal restorative modalities after root canal treatment (RCT) on the survival of endodontically treated teeth (ETT) and to assess the effect of time lapse between RCT and crown placement after RCT to form a tooth loss hazard model N= […]

Date: 02/2016
Journal: JOE

Summary:   Purpose:  to evaluate the 10-year survival rate of root canal–treated teeth at this specialist clinic. and to identify possible preoperative, intra-operative, or postoperative prognostic factors associated with the outcome survival in this study.  Materials/Methods:  • 330 patients with 420 teeth examined and treated at least 10 years previously and tooth survival was recorded by […]

Date: 11/2011
Journal: JOE

Purpose: To determine whether the quality of a coronal restoration or the quality of a root canal filling has a greater impact on the outcome of root canal treatment PICO: in adult patients who have had nonsurgical root canal treatment, does the presence of an adequate root filling and an inadequate coronal restoration compared with […]

Date: 07/2010
Journal: JOE

Purpose:  to investigate the time to failure of endodontically treated anterior and posterior teeth restored with a single-unit final restoration with and without posts. Materials and Methods: •90  patients in need of a postendodontic restoration (120 teeth). •Inclusion criteria: 1) fit to the groups. 2) minimum apical seal of 4 mm and no PA lesion. […]

Date: 10/2008
Journal: J Dent.

Summary:   Purpose: to test the hypothesis that the placement of a crown is associated with improved (long term) survival of root canal treated teeth, using a systematic review process of clinical studies. N= 10 Papers. Materials and Methods: •MEDLINE and hand searching on campus library (from 1996 to 2006). •Third step in the selection procedure […]

Date: 05/2006
Journal: The journal of prosthetic dentistry

Summary  Purpose: to evaluate the survival rate for endodontically treated molars without crown coverage and to identify possible related factors. N= 220 endodontically treated permanent molar teeth.  Materials and Methods: •Patients on a waiting list for fixed prosthodontic treatment (no provisional crowns or definitive restorations). •Follow-up data were derived from a clinical examination and review […]

Date: 09/2006
Journal: JOE

Summary: evaluate the survival rate of endodontically & with post treated teeth after prosthetic restoration. N= 864 teeth ) 780 nonvital and 84 vital abutment teeth .( Materials/Methods:  •Endodontic post length end 3-5 mm away from the apex. •Post diameter chosen according to the endodontic instrumentation. •Core : Sufficient coronal tooth structure present – […]

Date: 04/2006
Journal: JOE

Summary:   Purpose: To determine whether the distance between the post and the residual gutta-percha is related to the clinical outcome of the endodontic treatment. Materials and Methods:  – n: 94 RC treated teeth with PA dx of normal AP tissue at the time of RCT. Teeth that received post and core restoration were evaluated radiographically […]