An Anatomical Study of Mental Neurovascular Bundle-Implant Relationships

By Bavitz JB, Harn SD, Hansen CA, Lang M.

Date: 01/1997
Journal: IEJ


  • The purpose of this investigation was to prove or disprove via a cadaver study the existence of the mental nerve loop and to describe its prevalence and dimensions.


  • 24 cadavers- 48 mental foramen was examined radiographically by 3 dentists independently.


  1. Based on this study a dentist performing the surgical phase of implant reconstruction can feel confident that no damage to the mental nerve will result if the posterior portion of the implant is placed 1 mm anterior to the anterior border of the foramina.
  2. Because radiographic determination of the mental foramina is quite challenging it is recommended that the mandibular neurovascular bundle be identified in vivo during implant placement.

Clinical Significance:

Mental nerve location in relation to the mental foramen.