A 6-year recall study of clinically chemically bleached teeth

By Feiglin, B

Date: 01/1987
Journal: OOO


To look at teeth 6 years after chemical bleaching to evaluate long term success.


  • n=20 anterior teeth, applied RD, lingual access, zinc phosphate cement to CEJ, cotton pellet soaked with H202, red hot ball burnisher placed 10x on cotton pellet
  • access filled with sodium perborate and H202 mix, sealed with zinc phosphate cement
  • repeated as needed, restored with composite


  • Chemical bleaching has 45% success at 6 years
  • It can usually give adequate color for sufficient time for gingival margin to re-stabilize in younger teeth
  • Chemical bleaching not recommended as permanent treatment in adult teeth
  • The more difficult it is to bleach a tooth, the more likely the tooth will become discolored in the future

Clinical Significance:

Chemical bleaching with heat is moderately effective; most teeth will re-discolor with time. Internal bleaching may be a better option for younger patients. This technique is not used or recommended anymore.