Internal bleaching of tetracycline-stained teeth in dogs

By Walton, R.E., O'Dell, N.L., Lake, F.T., and Shimp, R.G.

Date: 01/1983
Journal: JOE


To determine if a significantly lighter shade can be obtained by internal bleaching following RCT and if the effects will persist with time


N= 3 puppies. Puppies were given high does of demeclocycline 1 week after birth at regular intervals to stain their teeth. They were then either left untreated, given RCT only or RCT and walking bleach using sodium perborate and 30% hydrogen peroxide and repeated 1 week later. The material was then removed and replaced with a white filling and restored with composite.


No initial change but after 1 week there was a significant lightening of teeth and continued up to 25 weeks.

Clinical Significance:

It may be possible to used internal bleaching as an alternative to bonded restorations to reverse tetracycline staining.