Prognosis of Intracoronal Bleaching with Sodium Perborate Preparations In Vitro: 1-Year Study

By Rotstein I, Mor C, and Friedman S

Date: 01/1993
Journal: JOE


To compare the bleaching prognosis of sodium perborate mixed with either water or hydrogen peroxide


  • N= 47 intact human premolars extracted for orthodontic reasons
  • Teeth photographed and were discolored with erythrocytes (18 days) and bleached with sodium perborate mixed with 30 % hydrogen peroxide (Group A), 3 % hydrogen peroxide (Group B), or water (Group C) and sealed with IRM. Fresh preparations were placed after 3 and 7 days. At 14 days, access sealed with composite and photographed. Artificial saliva storage and photographed at 3, 6, and 12 months. Two separate evaluators ranked them


  • Non-significant results:Groups A and C maintained their shade
  • In 20 % of Group B color regression was shown

Clinical Significance:

Mixing sodium perborate with hydrogen peroxide appears to be unnecessary