Response of human pulps after professionally applied vital tooth bleaching

By Kina JF, Huck C, Riehl H, Martinez T C, Sacono N T, Ribeiro P D & Costa C A S

Date: 01/2010
Journal: JIOH


To evaluate microscopically the response of pulps of sound human premolar teeth subjected to professionally applied vital tooth bleaching with a 38% H2O2 bleaching gel catalysed or not by a halogen light source.


  • N= 12 pairs of maxillary and mandibular premolars of 12-18 yr olds that were going to be extracted for orthodontic reasons.
  • Experimental(n=10) Control(n=4)
  • Group 1: bleaching gel + halogen light 38% hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) bleaching gel (Opalescence X-tra Boost)
  • Group 2: bleaching gel
  • Group 3: no treatment (control)

2-15 days later extracted teeth and prepared for histology with light microscopy.


Group 1 and 2 had mild histologic changes

Clinical Significance:

Vital tooth bleaching with a 38% H2O2 gel with or without application by a halogen light source did not cause damage to the pulp tissue of sound human premolar teeth.