Accuracy of Root ZX in Locating Foramen in Teeth with Apical Periodontitis: An In Vivo Study

By Piasecki L, Carneiro E, Fariniuk L

Date: 01/2011
Journal: JOE


To evaluate the accuracy of Root ZX II in measuring apical foramen in teeth with lesions


Teeth accessed and flared , 15 k file attached to ZX and apex measured, file fixed in place using glass ionomer, teeth then extracted , teeth apex’s examined under scope and position of anatomical apex to apical foramen , apical 4mm was shaved until instrument exposed-distance from foramen to file tip measured – was short of foramen and + was past foramen (+/-.5mm considered acceptable)


  1. 83% of teeth with apical periodontitis were acceptable (7 long and 2 at foramen)
  2. 100% of vital teeth were acceptable (4 long and 3 at foramen)

Clinical Significance:

Apex locater is best way to get accurate WL in all teeth –authors suggest possibly placing files 1mm short of APEX reading in teeth with apical periodontitis and .5mm in vital teeth