An in vivo evaluation of Root ZX electronic apex locator

By Shabahang S, Goon W, Gluskin A

Date: 01/1996
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To determine the ability of the Root ZX to locate apical foramen in unprepared canals of vital teeth.

N= 7 healthy patients with a 26 vital teeth planned for extraction


o2 Endodontists. Teeth was accessed & contents of the canal were not removed.

oApical foramen was located with the Root ZX, 0.5 marking just before the “apex” was selected

oGIC injected into the access cavity to surround the shaft of the file. The tooth was then extracted.

oThe position of file tip was recorded by 3 examiners under stereomicroscope.


Most highlighted Results: 

1.Root ZX device located the apical foramen within -/+0.5 mm in 25 teeth for a clinical accuracy rate of 96.2%

2.Location of tip: Root ZX device located the apical foramen precisely in 17 roots (65.4%) , protruded beyond the foramen in 8 roots (30.8%) mean=0.269 mm and did not reach the foramen in one root( 3.8%) mean= 3.0 mm .


Clinical significance:

Determining the WL should be confirmed by both Electronic Apex Locator & Radiograph