Canal preparation using only one Ni-Ti rotary instrument: preliminary observations

By Yared G

Date: 01/2008
Journal: JOE


Purpose:  To describe a novel canal preparation technique using only one Ni-Ti rotary instrument

•Technique: •

•Canal negotiation with #8 file, in severely curved canals to #10 or #15.

•CW and the CCW rotations are set on the motor at 4/10 and 2/10 of a circle. speed is set at 400 rpm.

•F2 protaper is used in reciprocating movement. 

•in narrow/curved canals no further instrumentation required.

•In straight canals further enlargement can be done with hand files.

•2.5% NaOCl and a final rinse with EDTA 17% followed by NaOCl.

•limitation :

•presence of a sharp (non-gradual)canal curvature, in which hand instrumentation should be used to complete apical preparation.

Clinical significance:

•2 major advantages of this technique: reducing cross contaminating through a single use of 1 file (cost –effective)