Comparison of canal transportation and centering ability of twisted files, Pathfile-ProTaper system, and stainless steel hand K-files by using computed tomography. 

By Gergi R, Rjeily JA, Sader J, Naaman A.

Date: 01/2010
Journal: JOE


Purpose:  to compare canal transportation and centering ability of 2 rotary nickel-titanium (NiTi) systems (Twisted Files

[TF] and Pathfile-ProTaper [PP]) with conventional stainless steel K-files.N= 24 mandibular molars with C-shaped canals.

N= 90 Root canals (severe curvature and short radius).


-Divided randomly into 3 groups of 30 each.

-Prepared with TF, PP, and stainless steel files.

-And the amount of transportation that occurred was assessed by using computed tomography (apical, mid-root, and coronal levels recorded ).

-Amount of transportation and centering ability were assessed.

Most highlighted Results: 

Less transportation and better centering ability occurred with TF rotary instruments (P < .0001).

(less transportation) TF > PP > K files (highest transportation).

Clinical significance:

The TF system was found to be the best in term centrality and less transportation.