Incidence of rotary ProFile instrument fracture and the potential for bypassing in vivo. Journal, year: International Endodontic

By Al-Fouzan KS.

Date: 12/2003
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To analyse the type and frequency of Profile fracture and the ability  to bypass them in molar teeth


•n:  1457 Mandibular 1st and 2nd Molars with a prespecified criteria

•3 angled PA radiograph were taken

•2 endodontist treating 15-45 years old patients with Profile .04  (same Profile used for 5 molars) using crown down technique

•After each use each file was inspected with 2.5x magnification and if there is any irreversible deformation the file was discarded

•The size of the instrument and the number of instrument use was recorded if the fractured instrument couldn’t be bypassed


•4.2% demonstrated plastic deformation Table.1

•4.6% had intracanal fracture Table.2

•#20 had the highest no. of fracture (due to the crown down tech, as the engagement of the smaller instruments are closer to their tip)

•4 out of 7 fractured files were bypassed in the middle 1/3, 3 out of 14 fractured instruments were bypassed in the apical 1/3


•Rrepeated use of 04 Profile significantly reduced their fracture resistance