Morphological Measurements of Anatomic Landmarks in Pulp Chambers of Human Maxillary Furcated Bicuspids

By Deutsch AS, Musikant BL, Gu S, and Isidro M

Date: 01/2005
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To measure key anatomical landmarks relating to pulp chamber morphology in maxillary furcated bicuspids and to compare it with molars.

N= 107 maxillary bicuspids


•Each bicuspids were radiographed in a buccal-palatal view •Morphological measurements were made using calibrations on radiographs. •Measurements were taken of each tooth:  Fig 1.

Most highlighted Results:

•Comparison of the key measurements between molars and bicuspids. Table 1

Clinical significance: 

Knowing this landmark will clinically enable the dentist to find the floor and hence the canals more easily with much less chance of perforation into the furcation.

A: Pulp chamber floor ↔ Furcation

B:  Pulp chamber ceiling ↔ Furcation

C: mid point of a line connecting the two cusp tips ↔ Furcation

D: mid point of a line connecting the two cusp tips ↔ pulp chamber ceiling

E: Height of the pulp chamber