Analysis of the Effect of Dilution on the Necrotic Tissue Dissolution Property of Sodium Hypochlorite

By Hand R, Smith M, Harrison J

Date: 01/1978
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to determine the effect of dilution on the ability of NaOCl to dissolve necrotic tissue. Compare tissue dissolution properties of NaOCl, normal saline, distilled water, 3% H2O2.

N= 63 specimens  (from rat)


  • Tissue specimen 13 mm diameter (epithelium and connective tissue; the muscle and fat layers), placed in distilled water for 7 min, placed on filter paper, Specimens were weighted .
  • Test solution was added (1 ml of solution /10 mg of tissue). Stirred for 7 min automatically. percent of weight loss or gain=(weight of the filter paper+ mean residual moisture)/(original tissue weight)
  • Test solution were 5.25, 2.5, 1, 0. 5% NaOCl, normal saline, 3% H2O2.

Most highlighted Results:

  • Mean weight change (table1).
  • 5.25% NaOCI was significantly more effective as a necrotic tissue solvent than any of the other test solutions

Clinical significance:

As the concentration of NaOCl increases it becomes more effective.