The solvent action of sodium hypochlorite on pulp tissue of extracted teeth

By Senia ES, Marshall FJ, Rosen S

Date: 01/1971
Journal: OOO


Purpose: To evaluate the solvent action of Clorox (5.25% NaOCl) in canals of extracted mandibular molars

N= 78 extracted mandibular molars



  • Crown was removed & presence of pulpal tissue in canals of D root was confirmed
  • Canals were enlarged with #30 reamer & walls filed with 25 file-instrument extended to foramen, if it couldn’t be seen root was not used (rinsed them with saline solution).
  • Groups:

Group A : One canal in 61 M roots irrigated with NaOCl , other canal irrigated with saline

(both solutions dispensed to respective canals and carried apically every 5 mins for 15 mins)

(NaOCl then rinsed with saline and both dried and embedded in clear plastic)

Group B : 27 canals treated with NaOCl, but for 30 mins-then sealed and embedded

  • Each root cross sectioned at 1, 3, and 5mm from apex
  • Stained root sections to show pulp tissues, mounted & examined microscopically

Most highlighted Results:

-Table 1


Clinical significance:

This study showed that NaOCl didn’t greatly improve tissue dissolution in the apical 3mm of the root, but no coronal /mid root flaring was done.