Separation Incidence of Protaper Rotary Instruments: A Large Cohort Clinical Evaluation

By Wolcott S, Wolcott J, Ishley D, Kennedy W, Johnson S, Minnich S, Meyers J.

Date: 12/2006
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to determine if reusing ProTaper rotary instruments up to five times increases their separation incidence.


•N = 4652 (Treatment/Retreatment Cases)

•Treatments were done over a 17-month period by 5 endodontists

•Coronal flaring and glide path. WL determination. By EAL.

•In retreatment cases, removal of GP with solvent GG and hand files. •Instrumentation with ProTaper as per manufacturer instructions/

•When separation occurred, the following was recorded:

•Tooth number

•ProTaper type

•Number of uses before failure (per tooth not canal)

Most highlighted Results:

•Total of 113 (2.4%) instruments separated

•Table 1 shows number of separation of each instrument Statistically significant increase in breakage of the F3 after the 5th use compared with other file

Clinical significance:

•Avoid reusing instruments more than 4 times (especially F