Cardiovascular Effects and Efficacy of a Hemostatic Agent in Periradicular Surgery

By Vy C.H., Baumgartner J.C., Marshall J.G.

Date: 01/2004
Journal: JOE


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the hemostatic efficacy and systemic cardiovascular effects of CollaCote™ collagen sponges saturated with 2.25% racemic epinephrine during endodontic surgery.


  • 48 patients, 6 received CollaCote-saline and 42 received CollaCote-epinephrine.
  • Blood pressure and pulse rate was recorded before and after administration of the local anesthetic, after the application of the test solutions, and before the patient’s dismissal.
  • The adequacy of hemostasis was determined by the surgical operator.


  1. No significant difference in blood pressure or pulse rate between the experimental and control groups at any time.
  2. 5 out of 6 in saline group achieved hemostasis, 39 out of 42 in epinephrine group achieved hemostasis. 2 cases slight bleeding was apparent and 1 failure to control hemostasis.

Clinical Significance:

Epinephrine provides excellent hemostasis with no evident changes in blood pressure or pulse rate. CollaCote is a plausible vehicle for delivery.