Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of One- and Two-visit Endodontic Treatment of Asymptomatic Necrotic Teeth with Apical Periodontitis: A Randomized Clinical Trial

By Molander A, Warfvinge J, Reit C, Kvist T.

Date: 01/2007
Journal: PubMed


  • Record the 2-year clinical and radiographic outcome of one- and two visit endodontic treatment and study the significance of the bacteriologic sampling results on the outcome.


  • N= 53 teeth were in one-visit group and 48 in two-visit group.
  • Patients were randomly assigned to one of 2 groups: 1 or 2 visit RCT. Microbial samples taken throughout appointments. Treatment performed by 4 endodontists. Healing results were clinically and radiographically evaluated 2 years postoperatively.


  • 32 teeth (65%) in the one-visit group and 30 teeth (75%) in the two-visit group were classified as healed.
  • The statistical analysis of the healing results did not show any significant difference between the groups
  • Forty-nine (80%) of the 61 teeth that were obturated after a negative micobiologic sample were classified as healed.
  • Teeth obturated after positive samples healed in 44%.

Clinical Significance:

Similar results were seen in both 1 and 2 visit treatments in necrotic teeth.