Comparison of nonsurgical root canal treatment and single-tooth implants

By Morris MF, Kirkpatrick TC, Rutledge RE, Schindler WG.

Date: 01/2009
Journal: JOE


  • Compare the differences between nonsurgical root canal treatment and single-tooth implants.


  • An extensive search of the dental literature was accomplished to identify publications related to the differences in root canal therapy and dental implants.


  • Success / survival rates for implants and RCT are similar
  • Tooth retention through RCT and restoration or tooth replacement with an implant resulted in superior clinical outcomes psychologically than did extraction without replacement.
  • Endodonticallytreated teeth are associated with less complications and procedural interventions than implant-supported crowns and that complications associated with implant failure significantly impact a patient more negatively than when endodontically treated teeth fail.
  • From an economic point of view, endodontic treatment might be a more favorable treatment option compared with implant-supported crowns.

Clinical Significance:

With the reviewed information in hand, the practitioner should be better prepared to determine which treatment option is most appropriate for each individual patient.