Root fractures due to corrosion. Diagnostic aspects

By Rud J, Omnell KA.

Date: 01/1970
Journal: European Journal of Oral Sciences


Determine the clinical and radiographic criteria which may be used in diagnosing root fractures.


  • N= 468 teeth with vertical root fractures due to corrosion of pins and posts.
  • Patients were referred to oral surgery practice between 1953-1968. Diagnosis of root fracture confirmed by direct inspection of the extracted tooth or by exploratory flap.


1.Fractures occurred in 297 females (68%) and 136 males (31%)

2.Maxillary 2nd Premolar was most often site of fracture

3.Clinical findings:

  • Periodontal pocket usually present
  • Paper points inserted into the pockets came out black due to corrosion
  • Dark discoloration of gingiva sometimes present
  • Abscess were found closer to gingival margin rather than apical area

4.Radiographic findings:

  • Fracture lines observed in 35% of radiographs. Could only be seen within an angle of 8 degrees only.
  • Bone destruction indicates location of fracture

Clinical Significance:

Various signs, both radiographically and clinically, may be present to aid in diagnosis of root fractures in teeth with pins or posts.