Dentinal Tubules at the Root Ends of Apicected Teeth: A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study

By Tidmarsh B, Arrowsmith M

Date: 01/1989
Journal: IEJ


Establish the existence and orientation of dentinal tubules at level which resection is usually performed to determine pathways of leakage in apicected teeth.


  • N=22 total. 1st group=10 teeth of unknown age, 2nd group = 12 teeth of known age
  • 1st group: 2-4 mm removed at angles 45-60 degrees, sectioned roots longitudinally.
  • 2nd group had 12 teeth of known age. Full length of root canal exposed without resection.


  1. In all apicected teeth, all had varying degrees of dentinal tubules exposed.
  2. At 3mm from apex- There were a mean of 27,000 tubules per mm square found and near dentine-cementum junction, there were 13,000 tubules per mm square.

Clinical Significance:

Maintain bevel angle to a minimum due to exposure of dentinal tubules. Retrograde fillings should at least extend past the most coronal aspect of bevel to effectively seal exposed tubules.