A follow-up study of 1000 cases treated by endodontic surgery.

By Andreasen JO, Rud J

Date: 01/1972
Journal: Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Patho


Purpose: To assess the influence of increasing the observation period upon healing group.

•1000 teeth treated by endodontic surgery during a 9 year period:

– 763: orthograde GP root filling

 – 237: Retrograde with amalgam

•Radiographically: one peri-apical orthoradial  exposure for each follow-up.

Most highlighted Results:

1.With longer observation time the incomplete and the uncertain healing groups decreased while the complete and unsatisfactory groups increased. 2. cases with complete and unsatisfactory healing are well defined and expected to remain in the same group with increasing observation time. 3.Retrograde amalgam filling resulted in four times failures as in teeth filled orthograde with guttapercha.

Clinical significance:

A standard follow-up should be made one year after the operation if it showed complete healing radiographically it can be graded as satisfactory and no further observation needed, unsatisfactory healing requires re-operation or extraction.