A ‘last resort’ treatment or a conventional treatment procedure? Nine case reports

By Peer M.

Date: 04/2005
Journal: Dental Traumatology


Purpose:  To present intentional replantation is reliable  option when considering surgical root canal treatment 


-Nine cases of intentional replantation with variety  of indication 

-The retrograde filling was amalgam §-the follow up period Vries from 2 months to 4 years

Most highlighted Results: 

-Various articles report success rates 72-85%

-8 cases showed good results with tissue healing

-Only One case  showed  persistent pathosis   and failure after IR

-Causes of failure : root resorption , persistent chronic infection , mobility and fracture during extraction

-Most important factor for success is the time of the procedure extra-orally , all of the cases in this article the time extra-orally 5-10 mins

Clinical significance: 

•IR is reliable procedure with high success rate and should be considered when we plan for surgical root canal treatment

•Time of the procedure extra-orally is very important factor

•IR is an inexpensive and quick procedure  when we compare it with apical surgery