A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of In Vivo Ultrasonic Root-End Preparations

By Gorman MC, Steiman HR, Gartner AH.

Date: 02/1996
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to examine root-ends after resection and after ultrasonic preparation on patients undergoing endodontic surgery

N= 25 maxillary roots from 20 patients undergoing periapical surgery


•Root-ends resected with multipurpose bur and were smoothed with a multifluted carbide finishing bur

•Ultrasonic tips were used to complete the root-end preparation •Polyvinylsiloxane impressions were made after root resection and again after ultrasonic preparations

•The boxed impressions were filled with clear epoxy resin & examined with SEM

Most highlighted Results:

No cracks were evident after root resection

•Only 1 of 25 roots demonstrating evidence of a a small incomplete canal crack  after ultrasonic root-end preparation

       –    This crack was not detected clinically with either methylene blue dye or the operating microscope

Clinical significance:

No incidence of crack after ultrasonic root-end preparation