A study of a new material for retrograde fillings.

By Oynick J, Oynick T.

Date: 09/1979
Journal: JOE

Purpose: to investigate a new material for retrofill (Stailine).


•Stailine Super EBA consists of ZOE, resin, EBA, and silicon. it has powder and liquid components. The powder is composed of 60% zinc oxide, 34% silicone dioxide, and 6% natural resin; the liquid is composed of 62.5% EBA (ethoxybenzoic acid) and 37.5% eugenol

•A block section was taken from the apex of  2 teeth where a retrofill with this material had been placed 12 and 3 years before.

•the 12 year-old section was examined histologically and the 3 years old one examined by SEM

Most highlighted Results: 

•histological examination of the 1st specimen  showed tissue repair around the material and new bone formation.

•SEM of the 2nd specimen showed good adaptation even at high magnification. it also showed growth of collagen fibers over the material and into the cracks present.


•Stailine was found to be an excellent material for retrofilling.

•In comparing results with this material with results from tests done with silver amalgam, it was seen that Stailine adapts better and does not expand and was biocompatible.