An Anatomical Study of Mental Neurovascular Bundle-Implant Relationship

By Bavitz JB, Harn SD, Hansen CA, Lang M 


Purpose: to prove or disapprove via a cadaver study the existence of an anterior loop of MNVB and to describe its prevalence & dimensions.

N= 47 specimen of 24 cadavers


•The mental foramen (MF) area was studied bilaterally & periapical radiographs were obtained for each side.

•The cadaver’ state if dentate or edentulous was noted.

•Following the radiographs, a line was drawn 2 mm anterior to the most anterior aspect of the MF perpendicular to the inferior border of the mandible.

• No.8 round bur was used to remove the bone until neurovascular tissue was encountered.

•The distance from the most anterior aspect of the MF to the most anterior or mesial aspect of the radiographic loop was recorded.

Most highlighted Results:  

-The average distance from the anterior border of the MF to the anterior aspect of the radiographic loop was in dentate group  2.5mm & in the edentulous group 0.6mm.

Clinical significance: 

Care must be exercised when making bony cuts inferior or apical to the MF but anterior cuts arc made in a relatively safe zone because the radiographic determination of the mental foramina is quite challenging. It is recommended that the MNVB be identified in vivo during implant placement.