An Anatomical Study of the Position of the Mesial Roots of Mandibular Molars

By Frankle K, Seibel  W, Dumsha T

Date: 07/1990
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To investigate quantitatively the anatomical location of the mesial apices of the 1st & 2nd  man  molars & to determine the correlation between anatomic & radiographic vertical measurements

N= 33 human cadavers mandible halves


•Adult Mandibles were sectioned

•Periapical radiographs used as a guide to the curvature of the mesial root •Horizontal , vertical distances & the position of the neurovascular bundle were recorded

Most highlighted Results:

•The mean horizontal distance between the mesial apices & the outer surface of buccal cortical plate

1.The 1st molars was 4.2 mm

2.The 2nd molars was 7.4 mm

•The vertical distance  of the anatomical apices & the neurovascular bundle

1.The 1st molars was 5.3 mm

2.The 2nd molars was 3.6 mm

•A high correlation was found between the vertical anatomic and radiographic measurements

•In the majority of the sections, the neurovascular bundle was found in the lingual half of the mandible.

Clinical significance:

2nd  molar may present a significantly more difficult surgical procedure  than 1st molar