Blood Loss During Endodontic Surgery

By Selim, El Deeb M, Messer H

Date: 08/1988
Journal: Endo Dental Terminology


Purpose: to measure the amount of blood loss by patients undergoing endodontic surgery and to correlate this amount with factors such as age, sex, duration of surgery, flap design, teeth involved, purpose of surgery & previous medication.

•N=  41 female, 19 male patients


 Inclusion criteria:

1. No medical contraindication to the surgery. 

  2. No history of abnormal blood pressure.

  3. The surgery performed using local anesthesia only. 

 4. Age range (23-76yr)

•Surgeries performed by 4 graduate students & 2 faculty members. •Xylocaine 2% with 1:100,000 epinephrine was used as the local anesthetic solution.

•The duration of surgery was measured.

•Blood loss was measured using the cyanmethemoglobin technique.

Most highlighted Results:

  1.⬆️  blood loss ⬆️ surgery time in (P root of the max molar)

2.⬇️ blood lose ⬇️ surgery time in (mand. Incisors)

3.Other than palatal surgery, maxillary first premolar showed the greatest blood loss , almost double the average of all teeth.

4.The mean of blood loss showed no significant difference among different gender and flap design.

5.Blood loss during endodontic surgery is 9.5 mL

Clinical significance: 

•The duration of the surgical procedure exerted a greater influence on the blood loss.