Clinical, Radiographic, & Histological Study of Endodontically Treated Retained Roots To Preserve Alveolar Bone

By Reames RL, Nickle JS, Patterson SS, Boone M, El-Kafrawy AH

Date: 04/1976
Journal: JOE



was made at 5 months revealing quite similar results, with slight differences between the two monkeys, which are:

1. Success of soft tissue coverage except for two areas of communication with the oral environment  (fig1)

2.Bone formation even with the presence of the inflammation over the amputation sites

3.Osteocementum was occasionally formed over the cut dentinal surface (fig2)

Clinical significance:

Root submergence could be considered as a treatment option; when the tooth is not restorable and the extraction is contraindicated  or to preserve the alveolar bone