Comparative Evaluation of Platelet-rich Plasma and Guided Tissue Regeneration Membrane in the Healing of Apicomarginal Defects: A Clinical Study

By Goyal B , Tewari S

Date: 02/2012
Journal: JOE


Purpose:  to  compare the healing response of PRP and collagen membrane used as GTR materials for the treatment of apicomarginal defects.


•30  patients  participated in this study

Inclusion criteria :  recurrent episodes of purulent discharge, apicomarginal communication having a pocket depth (PD) of >6 mm confined to buccal aspect, a negative response to vitality tests with radiographic evidence of periapical radiolucency, failed previous RCT , failed previous surgery with persistent bony lesion, and adequate final restoration with no clinical evidence of coronal leakage.

•Exclusion criteria :  clinical or radiographic evidence of vertical root fracture, resorptive processes involving more than the apical third of the root, chronic generalized periodontitis, and systemic disease contraindicating oral surgery

Patients  were divided  into 3 groups :  collagen membrane group, PRP group, and PRP + collagen sponge group

•The clinical and radiographic examination were performed every 3 months up to 12 months

•The criteria for a successful outcome included the absence of clinical signs and/or symptoms ,complete or incomplete healing,  and criteria for failure included any clinical signs and/or symptoms and uncertain or unsatisfactory healing

• Most highlighted Results: 

-The success rate after 12 months in collagen membrane group 80% , PRP group 83.33% , and PRP + collagen sponge group 88.89%

-No significant differences between the three groups

•Clinical significance:   

• Application of PRP to apicomarginal defects has higher success rate ( No statistically significant  difference  ) than collagen membrane