Does low-aspirin therapy complicate oral surgery?

By Ardekian L, Gaspar R, Peled M, Brener B, Laufer D

Date: 05/2001
Journal: JADA

Purpose: To evaluate the effect of aspirin on bleeding in patients undergoing oral surgery

N= 39 patients.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria:

1.Patients using 100mg of aspirin daily on a regular basis.

2.Patients with anemia, or patients receiving sodium warfarin therapy.

Materials and methods:

•All patients were scheduled to undergo dental extractions ( simple extraction was the most common )

•The sample was divided to two groups

•Experimental group  ( 19 patients ) >> continued using aspirin

•Controlled group ( 20 patients ) >> stopped aspirin seven days before extraction

•Normal bleeding time range : 1 to 4.5 minutes.

Most highlighted results:

•Experimental group: had a bleeding time of 3.1 ±.65 minutes

•Controlled group: had a bleeding time of 1.8 ±.47 minutes

Clinical significance: Patients receiving low-dose aspirin should continue to receive their daily use during the preoperative period.