Intentional replantation of endodontically treated teeth

By Bender IB and Rossman LE

Date: 02/1994
Journal: Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Patho


Purpose:  to report 31 cases of Intentional replantation


1. Conventional RCT was preformed to 31 maxillary  and mandibular teeth (18 upper and lower molars and 13 premolars and anterior )

2.The patients were instructed to rinse his mouth with  chlorohexidine mouthwash 2 % before procedure to reduce the incidence of bacteremia after extraction 

3.Antibiotics were  prescribed before and after the procedure

  4.Criteria for successful case when there is reduction of periapical lesion after 6 months or  complete regeneration of lamina dura within 2-4 years 5.If the patient complains of discomfort , tenderness with percussion ,  deep periodontal pocket or sinus tract , the case was classified as failure 

Most highlighted Results:

-Out  of 31 replanted teeth , 6 cases were failed and over all success rate 80.6%

-18 upper and lower molars including 4 failures and the success rate was 77.8%

-13 premolars and anterior including 2 failures and the success rate was 84.7

Clinical significance: 

  • Intentional replantation should be considered as treatment option in endodontic surgery especially on the premolar and anterior teeth (higher success rate than posterior teeth )