Long-Term Evaluation of Surgically Placed Amalgam Filling

By Frank AL , Glick DH , Patterson SS, Weine FS

Date: 03/1992
Journal: JOE


Purpose:  to preform long term evaluation of  surgically treated teeth with amalgam as retrograde filling before 1981   


1. N : 104 teeth from 96 patients recalled for follow up and evaluation with postoperative radiographs  which were taken at least 10 years ago 2.Successful criteria : if the treated tooth is functional, no clinical symptoms and the radiograph showed that the lesion healed completely 

3.Failure criteria : if the root fracture ,  faulty technique (like perforation or improper preparation ) , periodontal or restorative failure

Most highlighted Results:

-Out of 104 teeth from 96 patients , 60 teeth (57.7%) were found to be successful

-44 teeth (42.3%) were found to be failed  

Clinical significance:   

• long-term retrospective evaluation should be considered when we trying to introduce a new material for retrograde filling .