Long-term follow-up of cases considered healed one year after apical microsurgery

By Rubinstein RA, Kim S

Date: 12/2002
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to follow-up the cases classified as healed in the previous study (short term, 1yr) for an additional 5–7 yr

N= 52 patients (59 roots)


•A previous study by (Rubinstein RA, Kim S. 1999) demonstrated 96.8% of complete healing in 91 roots of 83 patients, within 1 yr after apical surgery using surgical operating microscope and Super-EBA as the root-end filling •Those patients were contacted and 52 responded (59 roots) to return for follow up

•The teeth were examined clinically and radiographically

•The radiographs were evaluated and compared with those that demonstrated complete healing of the periapical tissues 5–7 yr earlier

Most highlighted Results:

•Of the 59 roots evaluated, 54 (91.5%) remained healed whereas 5 (8.5%) showed evidence of apical deterioration

•One case considered failed at 1 yr (in the previous study), showed complete healing at 18 months and remained healed at 5 yr

Clinical significance:

Endodontic surgical cases that healed  initially tend to remain healed in the long term