Outcome of endodontic surgery: a meta-analysis of the literature–Part 2: Comparison of endodontic microsurgical techniques with and without the use of higher magnification.

By Setzer FC, Kohli MR, Shah SB, Karabucak B, Kim S

Date: 12/2012
Journal: JOE


Purpose: to Investigate the outcomes of contemporary root-end surgery (CRS) techniques with only loupes or no visualization aids compared with endodontic microsurgery using the same instruments and materials but with high-power magnification (surgical operating microscope or the endoscope) EMS. The influence of the tooth type on the outcome was  also investigated.

N=16 data sets


•3 Electronic data bases  were searched to identify human studies from 1966 to October 2009 in 5 (different languages, journals) through 3 independent reviewers .

•Inclusion criteria: same as part 1 except (minimum follow up period of 12 months).

Most highlighted Results: 

•The CRS group included 7 studies with a weighted pooled success rate of 88%.

•The EMS group included 9 studies with a weighted pooled success rate of  94%.

Clinical significance:

This study providing best available evidence on the influence of high-power magnification rendered by the dental operating microscope or the endoscope.