Periapical healing of mandibular molars after root-end sealing with dentine-bonded composite

By Rud J, Rud V, Munksgaard EC.

Date: 08/2002
Journal: IEJ

Purpose:  To present the frequency of periapical healing in first, second and third mandibular molar after root-end resections sealed with dentine-bonded resin composite.

N= 726 mandibular molars (n= 520)

Materials and methods:

•The sample was collected from the authors private clinic from 1984 to 1997.

•Molars with periradicular periodontitis referred for surgery.

•After root-end resection was done, Gluma ( desensitizing agent ) applied for 20 sec then dried with air

•Root-end was covered with Retroplast ( specially designed two-component autopolymerizing composite resin )

• Follow up period was minimally 1 year.

•Classification of healing:

Compete healing: Reformation of PDL space and the apical bone cavity filled-in with bone.

Uncertain healing: Decrease radiolucency but without compact bone boarder or lamina dura ( less than 4 years )

Failure: Unchanged or enlarged PA lesion.

Most highlighted results:

•Success rate of root-end seal with resin composite was 92%

•There was no significant difference between first, second, and third molar roots.

Clinical significance:

The use of dentin-bonded resin in root-end sealing is a promising technique and should be considered as a material of choice.