Predicting the anatomical position of the palatal root apex in maxillary first premolars during surgical endodontic treatment

By Widmer SD, Kulid JC, Walker MP, Williams KB, Katz J

Date: 02/2012
Journal: JOE


Purpose: To measure the position of the palatal(P) root tip relative to the buccal(B) root tip and to establish a predictable method for clinicians to locate P root tip during endodontic surgical procedures

N= 50  extracted bifurcated maxillary first premolars


•Each specimen was secured in a soft wax on a stainless steel block •Specimens photographed under 10 magnification and oriented to simulate a clinical view.

•Distance between the root tips were measured using the analySIS Imager 3.2 build 801.

•CBCT scans were used to investigate the BP distance between B and P roots and the MD diameter of P roots at an apico-coronal level

Most highlighted Results:

•In 25  (50%) teeth the P apex was superimposed by the B apex

•In  24 (48%) teeth the P apex was distal to the B apex (1.4 +/- 0.7)

•In 1 tooth the P apex was mesial to the B apex

•In 98% of the specimens, The P apex was positioned palatocoronal or palatocoronodistal to the B apex