Radiographic criteria for the assessment of healing after endodontic surgery

By Rud J, Andreasen JO, Jensen JE.

Date: 02/1973
Journal: Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Patho


Data from 1000 cases treated by endodontic surgery were used to compare clinical and radiographic findings.


• Radiographic healing classification was proposed with min. observation period of one year

•G1 (complete healing): reformation of the periodontal space, bony cavity filled with bone.

•G2 (incomplete healing/scar tissue): rarefaction present (decreased or stationary), irregular, asymmetrical, angular connection with perio. Space. •G3 (uncertain): rarefaction more than twice the width of perio. Space

•G4 (unsatisfactory healing/failure ): as G3 but the rarefaction is inc. or unchanged

Most highlighted Results:

1.Correlation between clinical symptoms and radiographic criteria (Table)

1.Subjective symptoms as pain or tenderness or pain are uncertain as the may originate from various reasons.

2.Objective symptoms such as fistula or swelling are usually indications of inflammation.

2.Absence of clinical symptoms is not enough to declare the operation success and the presence of these symptoms should not be considered a failure until confirmed by further examinations.

Clinical significance:

Results after endodontic surgery can be assessed radiographically alone (objective signs), without considering clinical subjective symptoms.