Vital Root Retention in Humans: a final Report

By Garver DG, Frenster RK,

Date: 07/1981
Journal: Journal of Prosthet Dent


Purpose: to describe the vitality and position of the sectioned roots, the surface integrity of soft tissue coverage, and the osseous tissue character surrounding the roots of the sectioned teeth following a 36-month observation period

N=45 teeth of 10 patients

Criteria for tooth Selection:

-Evaluation of pulpal condition is essential to the success of vital root sectioning & it is best accomplished by clinical methods

-When pulpal response is not normal; alternative methods for tooth retention should be considered

Periodontal Preparation:

-Mobility, the amount of alveolar bone support & tooth position within the arch should be considered.

-Pre-surgical periodontal preparation is very important as calculus removal, subgingival curettage & root planning

Surgical Procedure:

-Tooth root surface & adjacent bony contouring should be accomplished to provide a well-rounded root  surface that is confluent with the adjacent bony ridge

Denture Technique:

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Most highlighted Results:

 36 of the sectioned vital roots were healthy & exhibited proprioceptive & physiological responses

•Radiographically, most of the retained roots appeared to be normal with regard to surgical acceptance, periodontal ligament support, lamina dura presence & absence of periapical pathoses

•Some bone loss did occur up to 2mm. However, primary structural change in the reduction of the residual ridges by bony loss appeared to be minimal •Clinical appearance, the buccal and lingual bony plates are still intact, residual soft tissues is favorable