Ferric Sulfate Hemostasis: Effect on Osseous Wound Healing—II: with Curettage and Irrigation.

By Jeansonne BG, Boggs WS, Lemon RR.

Date: 01/1993
Journal: JOE


To evaluate the effectiveness of ferric sulfate as a hemostatic agent and to determine its effect on healing after thorough curettage and irrigation from osseous surgical wounds.


  • N= 12 rabbits
  • Ferric sulfate was placed in one defect until hemostasis was obtained; the contralateral defect was allowed to fill with blood and clot. After 5 minutes, both defects were curetted and irrigated. Evaluated histologically at 18 and 46 days.


When ferric sulfate is adequately curetted and irrigated from the surgical site prior to closure, persistent inflammation or delay in osseous repair was less compared to controls.

Clinical Significance:

Ferric Sulfate may be a good hemostatic agent during retrograde RCT.