Frequency of Persistent Tooth Pain after Root canal Therapy: A Systematic review and Meta-analysis

By Nixdorf D., Moana-filho E., Law A., Mcguire L., Hodges J., John M.

Date: 01/2010
Journal: JOE


Investigate incidence of persistent tooth pain after root canal therapy


  • Persistent tooth pain defined as >6 months after endodontic therapy.
  • Procedures included pulp capping, partial pulpectomy, pulpectomy, NSRCT, SRCT, and retreatment.
  • Pain could be spontaneous, or provoked by biting, palpation, or percussion.
  • At least 6 month follow up.
  • 770 articles found and 26 met inclusion criteria. 5,777 teeth with 2996 follow up (52%).


168 teeth with pain and concluded the rate of persistent tooth pain as 5.3%.

Prospective studies found a rate of 7.6%

Retrospective studies found a rate of 0.9%.

Clinical Significance:

The rate of persistent tooth pain for 6 months after any endodontic therapy is about 5%.