Healing Rate and Post-obturation Pain of Single- versus Multiple-visit Endodontic Treatment for Infected Root Canals: A Systematic Review

By Su Y, Wang C, Ye L.

Date: 01/2011
Journal: JOE


  • Compare the healing rate and post-obturation pain of single- versus multiple-visit root canal treatment for teeth with infected root canals.


  • N= 10 articles met inclusion criteria (6 compared healing rate and 5 compared post-op pain)
  • Inclusion criteria: Mature permanent teeth, radiographic evidence of apical periodontitis, at least 1 year follow up.
  • Literature search combined with specified inclusion criteria was performed to identify randomized or quasi-randomized controlled trials (RCTs or quasi-RCTs), comparing root canal treatment in single and multiple appointments (2 or more visits) in patients with infected root canals


  • No significant difference was observed in the healing rate between single- versus multiple-visit root canal treatment
  • Prevalence of post-obturation pain was significantly lower in single-visit than in multiple-visit group.

Clinical Significance:

The healing rate of single- and multiple-visit root canal treatment is similar for infected teeth. Patients experience less frequency of short-term post-obturation pain after single-visit than those having multiple-visit root canal treatment.