Hemostasis Control in Endodontic Surgery: A Comparative Study of Calcium Sulfate Versus Gauzes and Versus Ferric Sulfate.

By Scarano A, Artese L, Piattelli A, Carinci F, Mancino C, Iezzi G.

Date: 01/2012
Journal: JOE


The aim of the present article was to describe a comparative study of hemostasis obtained with the use of Calcium Sulfate versus gauze tamponade and versus ferric sulfate during endodontic surgical procedures.


  • N=31 teeth in 24 patient.  Inclusion: Periradicular lesion that could not be treated with NSRCT. Exclusion: Perio defects, severe systemic disease, abcess at time of surgery, surgical retreatments and post-operative complications.
  • Group 1= 11 cases treated with calcium sulfate.    Group 2=10 with guaze.   Group 3=10 with 20% ferric sulfate.


Control of the bleeding was achieved in all teeth of group 1, whereas in group 2, adequate hemostasis was achieved in 3 of 10 cases and in group 3 in 6 of 10 cases.

Clinical Significance:

Calcium sulfate is good at achieving hemostasis and allows for a good view of the area. May help reduce surgical time.