How to read a scientific paper

By Ramey DW


  • A systematic approach should be developed for reading and evaluating scientific papers. 
  • First, the decision whether to read a particular paper should be made and based on the study relevance to the subject of interest. (title, abstract, considering the site and facilities).
  • Evaluate the validity of the study e.g.:
  • A study of a new diagnostic test requires independent blind comparison with a gold standard of diagnosis
  • In a study of the clinical course of a disease, a control group should be included.
  • Comparison of two therapies requires randomization and blinding. 
  • Accepting the results  should be biased on the  validity of the study by reviewing the methodology (blinding, randomization, control group) and the quality of evidence.  
  • Clinical significance:

    • A statistically significant difference may not have clinical relevance. 

ten reasons to read clinical journal

ten reasons to read clinical journal