Incidence of periapical lesions and clinical symptoms after pulpectomy—A clinical and radiographic evaluation of 1- versus 2-session treatment

By Gesi A, Hakeberg M, Warfvinge J, Bergenholtz G

Date: 01/2006
Journal: PubMed


  • Evaluate outcome of pulpectomy in 2 treatment sessions with calcium hydroxide as an intracanal dressing was compared to a procedure comprising instrumentation and root-filling in 1 session.


  • N= 256 patients from 2 practices in Italy. Included only vital pulps.
  • Patients were randomly assigned to one of 2 groups: 1 or 2 visit RCT. Patients were followed up at 1 week for painful symptoms and at 1-3 yrs for signs of apical periodontitis and radiographic healing.


  • 244 patients recalled
  • 17 teeth had PARL at recall
  • Evenly distributed between the 2 groups
  • Post-op pain at 1 week associated with overfill
  • No association with presence of overfilling and radiographic lesion at end point of recall.

Clinical Significance:

2 visit RCT does not increase success in vital teeth, but overfill is strongly associated with post-op pain.