Accuracy of Root ZX II in Locating Foramen in Teeth with Apical Periodontitis: An In Vivo Study 

By Piasecki L, Carneiro E, Fariniuk L, Westphalen V, Fiorentin M, da Silva Neto U. 

Date: 06/2012
Journal: JOE


•Purpose: to determine the accuracy of electronic apex locater in teeth with PA lesion.

•N= 14 patients having hopeless teeth/ 27 single rooted teeth (12 with PA lesion, 15 vital case) .

• vThe Root ZX II  is an EAFL that measures the impedance of 2 frequencies simultaneously and expresses this quotient in terms of the position of the file inside the canal v


•L.A was administered, RD isolation. Coronal flaring with Gates glidden using crown-down technique. 1% NaOCl.

•WL length was determined with Root ZX II, #15 file. Then it was fixed with GIC tooth was extracted

•Apical surfaces were viewed under a dissecting microscope (10X), relation to the apical foramen was recorded.

•The apical 4 mm of the roots was longitudinally shaved until the instrument was exposed. 

•Specimen was photographed with a digital camera, measurements from file tip to apical foramen were made using Tool 3.0 software.

•Distances of –0.5 mm to +0.5 mm from the apical foramen were considered acceptable 

•Most highlighted Results:

•No statistically significant difference in the means of teeth with PA lesions (+0.117) and vital teeth(-0.105).

•percentage of acceptable distances was 83% PA group and in 100% vital group

Clinical significance:

Root ZX II is accurate in determining the WL in both vital and PA, with wider margin of error with PA lesion.