Physical effects of sodium hypochlorite on bone: an ex vivo study

By Kerbl FM, DeVilliers P, Litaker M, Eleazer PD.

Date: 01/2012
Journal: JOE


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to assess the physical and histologic effects of NaOCl on bone

N= 4 dogs femurs cut into 40 mm long sections, each cut into 20 mm paired sections


  • For each section injection of 0.5 ml /5.25% NaOCl or saline. Left for 30 min.
  • The structural integrity of the cancellous bone was measured by micro- indentation testing .
  • Gross visual examination done and histological examination by H&E staining.

Most highlighted Results:

  • Grossly, NaOCl caused remarkable changes in cancellous structure, leaving craters of apparent demineralization; while the compact bone was not affected.
  • There was a significant difference in mean depth of needle penetration which was greater in the NaOCl group(13 mm) compared with the saline group (8.33mm).
  • The NaOCl group showed degradation of the organic matrix collagen.

Clinical significance:

These results indicate that NaOCl compromises the integrity of bone especially the cancellous bone.