Long-Term Evaluation of Surgically Placed Amalgam Fillings

By Frank AL, Glick DH, Patterson SS, Weine FS

Date: 01/1992
Journal: JOE


To investigate if amalgam retrofills are more successful short term (1-2yr) vs. long term.


N=104 teeth

Exclusion: cases failed from other than amalgam retrofill.

-teeth needed to exhibit some healing (prior to failure if applicable).

-96 patients contacts who had had an apicoectomy before 1981 (>10yr since apico); records obtained.

success: tooth asymptomatic and functional, radiographically, PDL healing or PA scar evident.

-average 15.1yr recall.


-57.7% of teeth successful, 42.3% determined failures.

Clinical Significance:

Surgical endodontic success with amalgam appears mediocre and new retrofill materials need to be investigated.